People I love

Friday, 17 November 2017

Special request from Santa...

A couple of weeks back my DIL asked if I could make a little doll
 as a Secret Santa ...
This is AliCat :D (WIP)
 The recipient is a cat lover who is also into
all things Halloween...and she also likes the
 I decided to make the doll a literal Cat Lady...
 in an elegant couture dress with matching shoes.
Her necklace is a choker with a bell on lol....
 and her make-up is in the style of the recipient.
The lady in question also has lush auburn hair...
which she is happy to wear up or wild :D

AliCat now has a shoulder tote bag which will hold her accessorises.
(which will include a pointy hat, wand and scroll of introduction) 
Enjoy XXX

Friday, 10 November 2017

When life gets a bit busy...

I forget to post here and end up with tons of 
pics lol
Haven't even got round to making a pumpkin pie yet!!!
But I did make some bread....
it turned into "the blob" and tried to escape...but I 
managed to knock it back ...
 and when cooked was yummy lol.

I have managed to start a batch of Christmas cards
They are for my Mum. She loves colouring, so I thought
they might help her feel more involved if I left the images 
uncoloured for her to do herself.

Freddie got to meet my Eldest and his dog Bailey...
and was good as gold.
We just had to keep him on the lead as Bails is getting
a bit fragile and Freddie is way heavier.
 ... though he is not happy this morning.
Off to Vet for "you know what" and can't have 
anything to eat. He is trying to be extra good 
because he doesn't know what he has done 
wrong to not get fed bless.
Op not til 10.30am and he is usually on 
second breakfast by then.

On a crafting woohoo! Hubby spotted this Glue gun
in Lidl last week... it is a large gun and is cordless
an a charging stand....for £7.99 and £3.99 for large pack
 of additional glue sticks!!!!

So still here...still busy with Freddie
 *who is a tad jealous of my puter time*
but just wanted to remind you all I love you XXX

Friday, 27 October 2017

We Birth Monsters

Today is the start of

 Tis a weekend to share the Love....
but it is Halloween,
and I still needed it to have a wee bit of darkness
about it so...
for all the Mums who struggle *for whatever reason*

We Birth Monsters

They call him "Monster".
How could someone so Loving and Stable birth such a creation?
See how she Protects It. Always seeing the Good in It.
Always taking It's side!
Can she not see the Anger and Hate in It's eyes?
Can she not Feel how Black is It's heart?

I call him Child.
 Provide Him with a Loving and Stable Home.
I will Protect Him at all cost.
I can see so clearly the Goodness in His soul.
I will Always stand by His side.
I hold His hand as He walks in Fear, seeing the
Terror in His eyes.
I Feel the Love in His Heart!

Can They not see the Monster They are creating in Me?

Love and Strength to all who need it